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Do you love crystals? How would you like an Obsidian Crystal Elixir Water Bottle?

How would you like to WIN our Gemstone of the month in this CRYSTAL ELIXIR WATER BOTTLE? 


Crystal elixirs have been used since ancient times. It’s a great way to bring the vibrational energies and healing qualities of crystals, conveniently into your everyday life. At Spiritual Guru we also believe in being kind to the environment, so this was a natural fit for us.

💎Properties of Obsidian: Facilitates psychic cleansing, grounding, protection, spirit communication

💎 Chakras:  Root (1st)

💎 Spiritual properties: Powerfully eliminates negative energies in oneself and one’s environment.

💎 Spiritual realm: Obsidian allows us to look into the deepest, darkest parts of our emotional selves to identify the underlying issues, including those from the past, affecting us physically and mentally. It also helps us grow past those issues and is particularly adept in helping people move past any kind of trauma, fear, or insecurity.

💎 Black Obsidian is powerful when it comes to eliminating negative energies. It cleanses the auric field of disharmony, negative attachments, and astral junk. It has the ability clears one’s own physical and emotional environment, including anger, greed, fear, or resentment. It’s also a strong grounding stone. By stimulating the root chakra and the Earthstar chakra, it deepens one’s energetic connection to the core of the Earth. Lastly, it’s a strong spiritual protection stone.

💎 What we love about this stone? With its ability to clear negative energies from the etheric body and the physical body, in combination with its grounding properties, it’s a triple threat!

💎 Who’s it good for? Anyone and everyone. Obsidian should be a staple stone for those who are sensitive. Especially anyone who’s looking to keep negative energies at bay.


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